Sergio Socolovsky Architect New York

With over 15 years of international architectural experience, Sergio Socolovsky has spent the past 10 years working as a project architect/project manager and freelance architect in New York City. He was also an architectural designer for several award-winning teams of prominent architects such as Peter Eisenman (New York), Zaha Hadid (London), and Itsuko Hasegawa (Tokyo). Additionally, he established and managed his own architectural and real estate development firm in Uruguay.

He is a New York State Registered Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional. He holds a Diploma in Architecture and Architect’s License from the University of Uruguay, and a Master of Architecture from Science University of Tokyo, Japan, where he studied under renowned architect Kazuhiro Kojima. He is a Fellow of the
Japanese Ministry of Education, Monbusho.

In 1996 while studying in Japan, Sergio was encouraged by his professor and
mentor, Kazuhiro Kojima, to pursue his artistic talents and develop his surrealist
sketches as a means for advancing his avant-garde architectural ideas. He uses
his sketches as a tool for exploring the relationship between human behavior
and activity with form and space.

His skills, talent, and creativity are not only used for professional purposes, but
also as a means of personal expression. Sketching surrealist ideas evolved
into a tool for relieving stress and became a form of self art therapy as he
adapted himself to living in different countries and coped with the immigration
and absorption process. Created spontaneously, they are a distorted graphical
representation of his unconscious, combining elements of architectural and
interior spaces, industrial design, natural elements, sex, religious and political
statements, violence, consumerism, and absurdity.